A new generation of high performance and low cost, quick development of Hybrid framework

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Cross-platform Support

A new generation of Hybrid framework, support for multiple languages multi-platform environment development, provides the best cross-platform user experience for your users.

High performance & Low cost

You also in trouble for client development cycle is long?You still worry about product managers have tight?You also in trouble for client performance and various crash?Come on!Say goodbye to the traditional development mode, to enjoy the fun of rapid iteration, lead you into a new generation of technology feast!

Flexible modular, standardization and extension

Kerkee framework conforms to the W3C standards, frameworks using plug-in modular design, each module is a webapp, free when there is a need for expansion.Not only that, within the kerkee runtime, js interface automatically converted into the native interfaces, Web layer with native strict isolation achieve coupling condition, the developer and the interface of the whole process is open and transparent, no special constraints.

More Awesomeness
Don't like living in the last century, developing a client!

Document Complete

Kerkee use Markdown document format and have a full of architecture documentation, tutorials, Api documentation

Debug tools

Have all the debug tools, client and web are mutually dependent can debug, and support the remote debugging


Can be highly custom architectural design, everything is under control.

Completely solve the cross domain

USES a special mechanism, thoroughly solved the problems of cross-domain, which means developers can operate on any Web page data on the Internet.At the same time possess the characteristics of the high security!

Case Studies

UC游戏大厅、 九游游戏中心、 天翼导航、 搜狐新闻客户端、 搜狐News SDK、 斗米客户端(B端、C端)